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Payday loans are now availible IN CANADA!

Jack Rabbit Loans have been providing US citizens with quick, easy payday loans for years, and we've finally made our way to Canada! So now you too can enjoy instant approvals on quick cash advances, all done over the internet, without any credit checks. We've been working with Canadian lendors for the past few months, securing the best interest rates and guaranteed approvals for ALL Canadian applicants.

Unfortunatley, in this global economy, when large country's financial sectors don't do well, it affects us all. There's many reasons why you need some extra cash, and at Jack Rabbit Loans in Canada, we're able to provide the bridge loans that Canadians require. Things come up, emergencies, car wrecks, hospital bills, holiday shopping. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you get by between paydates. Try our payday loan service today and you won't be disappointed. In most cases, we can get the cash you need, depositied the SAME day, sometimes within an hour!

Testimonials from happy customers!

  • " Not too long ago, I recently graduated from the university. But because of my college loans and tuition, and monthly household bills, my entry level salary just wasn't enough. I found Jack Rabbit Loans, and after filling out a couple simple forms, I got money deposited into my account within 2 hours. It couldn't have been easier! Thanks! "

    - George Hernandez
  • " I started getting worried when I realized I was going to have trouble paying my mortgage last month. With all the news reports about the record foreclosures, I was afraid it would happen to me! Luckily, someone told me about Jack Rabbit Loans, and thankfully, I was able to pay my mortgage. And with the balance left over, my wife and ! started our own Croydon carpet cleaning business Thank you so much!! "

    If you need more information Leaflet Flyers will send out a leaflet to you call them on 0800 458 0938 or wait to see them distributing leaflets in your area over the next few days or visit www.leafletdistributioninlondon.com

    - Edward Walker